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Sunday links // no.3


^^ Jarlsberg, brie and red onion chutney sandwich. 
Hi, long time no see!

How was your weekend? I’m finally done with my finals, which in theory means that by now I should know all of the surgery and general medicine to work as a junior doctor… Seeing the title of my exam “Professional Examination” gave me chills. I won’t get my exam results for a couple of weeks at least so I’m going to put it behind me and hope I passed. Tomorrow I’m starting a new placement (ENT) and I’m excited mainly because it’s a surgical speciality so I get to wear scrubs (i.e. PJs) all day.

My weekend consisted of sleeping and watching the Olympics (3 gold medals to team PL this week!). Anyway, hope you had a good one and here are some links from me and the world wide web.

Coffee at the urinal, hmmm interesting.

Flappy bird might be dead, but we have flappy Bert instead!

Not for the faint hearted. 

Living on a remote island above the Arctic circle, in pictures.

Next time a fellow train passenger raises a napkin, it may well be that they’re doing this.

Generation of interns. This makes my blood boil a little bit, I think no one, ever, should work for free.

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Nazywam się Małgosia Frej i piszę blog o życiu: moim i świata, który mnie otacza. Moje wpisy to głównie reportaże z podróży, przemyślenia na tematym które mnie poruszają oraz wycinki z mojego życia i pracy jako młody lekarz w Szkocji.

  • ja się nie znam, a mnie to ciekawi – co to znaczy ze zaczynasz ent? w sumie, a napisz kiedyś więcej o swoich studiach, ładnie proszę!

    • Serio? Myslalam ze bycie studentka medycyny jest ostatnia rzecza o ktorej ludzie chca czytac na blogach, ale moge napisac, w koncu jestes jakas 1/5 ludzi ktora czyta tego bloga lol. happy to please. ENT to po polsku otolaryngologia, Ear Nose and Throat.